• gluten free dining

    Mediterranean Plate
    Tandoori bread, hummus, olive tapenade, piquillo pepper relish, cucumbers, kalamata olives

  • food delivered

    Kogi Beef Tacos
    Beef short rib, kimchee, spicy mayo, green onions, cilantro

  • sushi bar

    Chipotle Ocean Roll
    Soft shell crab, yellowtail, chipotle mayo

  • Edina Restaurants

    Spicy Shrimp Fettuccini
    Creamy parmesan sauce, roasted tomato salsa, crisp prosciutto


CRAVE’s diverse menu was designed to accommodate appetites of all shapes and sizes. From fresh salads and sushi, to hearty entrees and flatbreads, there’s something for everyone at CRAVE. Our lunch and dinner menus also feature over 20 gluten free dining options for guests with specific dietary restrictions, or those just looking for a healthier option!

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