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IMG_8420Happy National Homemade Soup Day! There’s nothing better than curling up with a warm bowl of soup on a cold winter day and this “holiday” couldn’t have come at a better time, especially with the blizzards hitting our CRAVE locations in Bethesda, Omaha, and Minnesota in the last couple weeks!

We stand behind the best homemade soups being delicious and taking the least amount of effort, so without further ado here’s our list of 5 homemade soups that use only 5 ingredients!

CRAVE Brand Ambassador, Chef Daniel Green, was invited to cohost Valley View Live and talk CRAVE Summerlin and the new menu items coming to CRAVE! (more…)

Kare 11 News invited CRAVE Brand Ambassador, Chef Daniel Green in to discuss upcoming 2016 menu changes at CRAVE America and to share his tips and tricks on making the CRAVE Miso Salmon! (more…)

“Join The Fight Against Cancer.”

Throughout the entire month of January, your generous donation will help fund programs and research targeted at ending cancer. Help us find a cure – simply “Round It Up!” (more…)

“Changing Perspectives. Changing Lives.”

Throughout the entire month of January, your generous donation will help provide Tri-State children with positive role models – simply “Round It Up!” (more…)

“Building careers. Empowering lives. Ending poverty.”

Throughout the entire month of January, your generous donation will help individuals in poverty on the path to stable and long-term stable employment. Help us provide education – simply “Round It Up!” (more…)

You know what sucks about cookies? Well, ok, nothing REALLY sucks about cookies, but humor us…What sucks about cookies is the wait time. We think it’s bad enough having to resist the temptation of eating cookie batter without the added torture of having to wait for the baking and cool down period to finish, so today, on National Cookie Day, we are putting our foot down.

No longer will we wait an extra 15 minutes to indulge in our cookie craving. No longer will we suffer through the smell of baking cookies while staring longingly at the timer watching it tick-tick-tick away. Today we take a stand! Will you join us? (more…)

“Together we make a difference.”

Throughout the entire month of December, your generous donation will help fund advocacy and provide support for adults and children living with HIV/AIDS. Help us provide prevention education – simply “Round It Up!” (more…)

unnamedBuy A Minnesota Holiday Volume 7 at any Kowalski’s, while supplies last, and receive $10 off to CRAVE as well as UNION Restaurant and Salsa A La Salsa – Uptown!

A Minnesota Holiday is a compilation of holiday favorites from local Minnesota artists, with proceeds benefitting

We sat down with artist and composer,  Phil Thompson, who is Executive Producer of A Minnesota Holiday, to learn more about the inspiration behind the CD and more about the great organization it benefits! (more…)

We’ve all done it. We’ve all allowed our eyes to be larger than our stomachs and Thanksgiving is the prime culprit!

So what do you do with all that leftover turkey? Here are 7 great turkey recipes to salivate over!

“7 Leftover Turkey Recipes”

Food Network’s Turkey Pot Pie

20 minutes of prep. 50 minutes of cook time. 4 servings of delicious.

There’s just something about a homemade pot pie that speaks to us. (more…)